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Who am I?

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

short intro and upcoming work

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"In most of my writings both personal and corporate worlds merge resulting in fictional stories in which human relations and identities struggle against an enveloping rigid environment."


I'm Grietje François, a Belgian writer with Chilean roots and a background in Japanese linguistics. I write science fiction and fantasy stories which I self-publish according to the traditional publishing processes.

I started the novemmundi website in the summer of 2019 with the purpose of making extracts of a my stories available online. After a few months I launched my full-time writing career to fully focus on a fantasy fiction manuscript I had been working on in collaboration with a Dutch publisher.

When plans changed due to COVID-19, I changed focus and launched a new writing project, one that suddenly felt incredibly relevant. Moreover, it gave me the opportunity to launch it as an experiment in online self-publishing. The project would be a science fiction thriller that originated in the days prior to the Belgian lockdown. The story consisted of eleven episodes and was temporarily available on the Dutch version of the novemmundi website. The text is now being reworked to be published as a book on the 9th of november 2020.


Naar de haaien. is the title of my upcoming young adult science fiction thriller.

It tells the story of a group of middle class minors living in an isolated street somewhere in the Belgian Kempen. When they wake up one Saturday morning they find themselves in a new reality. From that moment on their spirit and survival skills are put to the test. Abandoned by their adult relatives, who have gone into a deep winter sleep, and unable to explain the phenomenon, they install a daily routine that will help them cope with uncertain situation. The sustainability of the system is tested ruthlessly when four newcomers try to impose their laws. Is a new status quo at hand?


Naar de haaien. will be published in Dutch as a book and as an e-book on the 9th of November 2020. Both versions will be made available for purchase on the website.


The closeness to reality and the diversity in the cast of characters are typical for my stories. Their origins are heavily rooted in real world events with the recurring main theme being the human condition. I focus especially on personal identity and the quest to belong.


"Het Einde Voorbij" (Fantasy - Dutch) -> Autumn 2021


author: Grietje Y. M. François - grietje@novemmundi.com

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