• Grietje Y. M. François

Veritas Romanum

The story you’re about to read is complete nonsense. It’s absurd and totally untrue. Why did I write it? I’m a writer and this picture inspired me. Here goes:

When the remains of the theatre in Orange in the South of France were uncovered by archeologists, no scientist could ever have imagined to discover an ancient technology so entertaining, that it would cause an earthquake of disbelief throughout the entertainment industry.

For almost two millennia, this powerful piece of technology was kept secret from our modern society. After thorough research backed by an anonymous investor, the worlds of science, politics, media and engineering unanimously agreed that the future of mankind would be better off with the large scale usage of it.

Romans called it “Veritas Romanum” or “Roman Truth”. The concept was simple: the goggles you see in this picture allowed the carrier to witness the truth through the eyes of someone else. This would enlarge the carriers’ sense of empathy which would strenghten constructive dialogue.

A society with less taboo, less prejudice and an increasing level of educated citizens were some of the many benefits this invention predating the printing press had to offer.

Today this rediscovered technology is back and gaining terrain worldwide. No Roman could have imagined such a succes.

Unfortunately this story is utter rubbish, but great fun to write! 😜

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