• Grietje Y. M. François

Galactic Interference

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Orbit Cafe
Photo by Nicolas Gras on Unsplash

"Time to pee!"

"I agree with you this time. There's a station not far from the next moon of Jupiter."

"Hey people, we're in for a break in a few minutes. You wanna stretch those legs, that's the time to do so. No more stops after this one."

"Anybody hungry? I'll be going out for some sandwiches."

"Allow me Captain. I'll wash my hands, I promise!" John responds with a clumsy wink.

"After you're done with your business?" She asks with an expression of disbelief.

"...Yeah ... of course, like everybody else, right?"

The crew of the Kasato-Maru is made up out of four war veterans and a rather clueless First Officer. But he has his hart in the right place.

"Gents and ladies, send in your orders or I'll pick your meal for you."

"You remember what happened last time he picked your meal! I'd be sending him very specific details if I were you!"

"If only we could descent from this stinking vessel!"

"We need to keep low profile till we get home, Guss. Just remain calm for the next three hours and we'll be fine."

"Don't tell me to keep calm! You know how anxious I get when you tell me to keep calm!"

"10 seconds left to drop me your orders, guys!"

The whispering stops. All three of them start texting John feverishly.

"Thanks guys. Hey Guss, whats a cham and heese sandwick?" John laughs out loud from behind his board computer.

"Why you piece of snot! You know very well what I mean! Don't you dare bring back anything else!"

"Why don't you both get off the ship, it'll do you some good, Captain's orders."

They approach Callisto from the dark side. Just out of orbit lies an intergalactic e-station, known for its iconic '50's diner design, tasty handmade sandwiches, toll free children's playground and super fast battery charging facilities.


author Grietje Y. M. François

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