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Behind the Writings 9/9

The Product

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Publishing is a business practiced worldwide. Publishing a book goes via small national or larger international publishing houses. Some of them have been around since a few centuries.

Like in any vertical, things are changing in the publishing world as well. Digitisation makes it possible to work quicker, more precise and at a lower cost than time consuming large-scale manual labour. It is also making it possible for writers to self-publish. That is what I have decided to do with this project “Naar de haaien”. I’m up for the challenge.

From the writer straight to the reader, passing through the skilled hands of a team of professionals to get it right!

Publishing a large number of books to get a lower price per piece remains a serious investment. You’re never sure of your sales, especially with a debut novel, so chances that you might get stuck with a basement full of books is too high and too risky in my opinion. That’s why I have decided to give POD (print on demand) a try, which comes down to a small stock to manage.

eBook publishing has been around for some time now, although still seen by many as a second-rate publishing format, it offers some advantages printed books just cannot compete with. A paper lover will say that there is nothing more exciting than holding the actual printed version of a book in your hands and smelling the thicker yellowish paper while letting the pages slide underneath your thumb. I fully agree, and I have my share of printed books on my shelves in my office and in plastic boxes in my basement and attic. eBooks are less of a fuss, the font remains clean, no matter how old they get, we just need to make sure the battery is charged enough to get to the end of the story.

I’ve decided to invest less in paper and more in e-commerce. Both printed and eBook formats will be available as from the 9th of November via novemmundi.be. And I would be a fool if I didn’t give the most known self-publishing platforms a chance. All that will be communicated in due time.

There is a third medium that will probably surpass both formats in paper weight and level of experience: audio.

I’m not experimenting with an audio play just yet. I’m keeping it simple for this project, one story, one actor. Audio has been around since a long time, coming from performing live in front of an audience to studio voice acting for the fair few going towards a format made available at a reasonable cost. We’ll start recording at a later date, making the audio version of the book available after the release of the eBook and paper versions.

And who knows what the future brings. I’ve been thinking about directing an audio play. I’m not short for stories and I’m up for more product releases. I might just have the perfect story in one of my drawers waiting to be shaped into a scenario.

To be continued …

author: Grietje Y. M. François

There are nine episodes in the "Behind the Writing" series, the last one will be published on Thursday the 27th of August. The content of these posts is about my personal experiences as a writer, writing my first young adult novel "Naar de haaien." (Dutch).

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