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Behind the Writings 1/9

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

The Introduction

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With a draft manuscript in my hands and a full agenda of redrafting to do before publication, I feel the need to write about my writing experience. To describe how I succeeded in having my first draft manuscript ready within the given time frame of fifteen weeks. That's why I'm starting this blog with the suitable title: "Behind the Writings".

Over the course of the next nine weeks, I will share my creative writing process and the tools and tricks I used to keep my creative juices flowing, giving away some ideas and maybe some inspiration on how to get from a blank page to a full-length manuscript.

It took me about fifteen weeks to complete the draft of my first young adult science fiction thriller titled "Sanne en Koen. De wereld is naar de... haaien." (Dutch - temporary title). A story that I would probably not have written if it weren't for the COVID-19 lockdown.

I was still working on an entirely different piece before confinement, a fantasy tale of two pre-teen girls in search of their identity and the discoveries they make along the way, turning their worlds emotionally and physically upside down. That project that goes by the title "Het Einde Voorbij" (Dutch) is now put on hold.

The change of plans allowed me to work on something new and very contemporary in light of recent events. This new writing endeavour titled "Sanne en Koen." has allowed me to sharpen my craft and build myself an audience from scratch. How? I published the story online, on this website at a pace of one episode a week, for eleven weeks. At the end of that period, I had my draft manuscript.

The common thread of the "Behind the Writings" series is my struggle against clichéd assumptions about writing.

In the next episode of "Behind the Writings" I will focus on "The Myth" that accompanies the occupation of a writer. I'll probably talk about more than one, and it will come down to assumptions people have about the job. Because in the end it still is a job. Not just a job, but still a job!

author: Grietje Y. M. François

editor: Christopher Dunkley

There are nine episodes in the "Behind the Writing" series, the last one will be published on Thursday the 27th of August. The content of these posts is about my personal experiences as a writer, writing my first young adult novel "Naar de haaien." (Dutch).

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